Environmental, social and human rights assessment

Environmental, social and human rights issues (ESHR) play an important role in the promotion of foreign trade. When an application is made, due diligence is carried out to make sure that national and international standards will be met. With the following links you can access information on the requirements and procedure of the environmental, social and human rights assessment (ESHR assessment).

Tutorial: Webinar vom 27.11.2018: Umwelt-, Sozial- und Menschenrechtsaspekte

The ESHR assessment pays particular attention to the following issues because of their importance for the Federal Government and the requirements of international standards. 


Prevention of corruption

In order to prevent bribery and combat corruption the recommendations of the OECD are implemented. The following page contains information on how these recommendations are implemented in the export credit guarantee scheme.


The actions of the Federal Government have to be transparent and comprehensible in particular as regards the instruments of the export credit guarantees. The following pages provide information on the concept of transparency and on individual covered export transactions.

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Assessment of environmental, social and human rights issues