Test our new premium calculator and get your financing schedule


A premium calculator is now available with which you can quickly and intuitively calculate an indicative premium. You will also be shown a repayment plan. Even if the Hermes fee is paid in advance, you can also see the possible all-in premium on a p.a. basis. So for the first time it is possible to compare the all-in cost with other financing alternatives. Please note, that we only provide an initial version, which will be further tested and possibly expanded in parallel. Also, the premium depends in particular on the country risk and the buyer’s presumptive creditworthiness. The values calculated here are indicative only and not binding. The actual premium may differ from this indication. Besides, the calculation does not constitute a conclusive statement on the project’s eligibility for cover.

We look forward to receiving your feedback at info@exportkreditgarantien.de or by phone at +49 40 8834 9090.