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Cover Policy – Export Credit Guarantees

Country Risk Category 

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There are no formal restrictions on cover.


There are no formal restrictions on cover for transactions with private buyers. Transactions with public buyers can be covered on a case-by-case basis.



For transactions with private buyers bank security is required if the foreign buyer’s creditworthiness is inadequate. For transactions with public buyers a guarantee from the Ministry of Finance or the central bank is always required.


Further Information

Country information on commercial practices, business climate, market analyses, law, import procedures, customs duties can be found on the website of Germany Trade & Invest (gtai).

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Wholeturnover Cover, Revolving Buyer Credit Cover, Revolving Supplier Credit Cover ...

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Economic Analyses

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Single Transaction Cover, Buyer Credit Cover - express

Cover Policy – Untied Loan Guarantees

There do not exist any restrictive country cover policy decisions for Untied Loan Guarantees. However, when deciding on cover of raw material projects, the Federal Government always takes the current situation in the host country into account. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.

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Untied Loan Guarantees

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Untied Loan Guarantees

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Untied Loan Guarantees

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