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Efficiently and digitally securing business abroad

As cover for small-volume business, we offer the products from our Hermes Cover click&cover range to exporters and banks in our customer portal myAGA (German version only). For transactions with contract volumes of up to 5 million euros and credit periods of up to 5 years, it takes just a few clicks for you, as exporter or bank, to apply for standardised supplier or buyer credit cover.

The following products are available:

  • Hermes Cover click&cover EXPORT
  • Hermes Cover click&cover BANK

If you want to know instantly whether your transaction in eligible for an export credit guarantee and what costs you will be faced with, then the digital supplier of buyer credit guarantee will be just the right thing for you.

With a few clicks to export credit guarantees

What transactions can be covered under Hermes Cover click&cover?

You, as exporter, want to quickly and easily secure your export transaction using Federal export credit guarantees? And you, as bank, attach great importance to an efficient and digital processing in connection with cover for buyer credits? And you wish to know instantly whether your transaction is eligible for an export credit guarantee and what costs you will be faced with?

If that is the aim, the new Hermes Cover click&cover EXPORT and Hermes Cover click&cover BANK are the products of choice. The transaction should have the following structure:

  • Contract values of up to 5 million euros – many foreign currencies are also possible!
  • Credit periods of up to 5 years – depending on the type of goods and order value.
  • Buyers with good or medium credit rating in many countries.
  • Your export transaction/buyer credit does not involve any other complex structures.

A feasibility assessment is an integral part of the new online application. Check quickly and without commitment whether your export transaction/buyer credit is eligible for Hermes Cover click&cover (subject to a case-by-case check after an application has been made).

Here, you will find the key product features at a glance:

What is the procedure to obtain supplier or buyer credit digitally like?

1. Hermes Cover preliminary check

After answering a few questions, you will be informed whether your transaction qualifies for the fast-track procedure (click&cover).

2. Premium indication

You will receive an indication of the total costs. The total costs will be shown either as one premium amount or as premium range. The more detailed the information you provide is, the more precisely the premium likely to be incurred can be calculated.

3. Application

With the assistance of specific questions you will be guided through the application form. Should you need any additional help, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants at the telephone number 040 / 88 34-90 00. You can also contact us by email:

4. Offer of cover

If you have not yet completed the negotiations with your foreign customer, it is advisable to apply for an offer of cover. This will make planning for you more reliable as to whether the Federal Government can provide cover for the transaction in question.

5. Final confirmation of cover

As soon as you have entered into the contract, you can apply for a final confirmation of cover. It is not necessary to obtain an offer of cover first.

It is the first time that you would like to apply for Hermes Cover?

Please allow slightly more time for your first application – we would like to get to know you first at a visit to your company and assist you with the first steps.

You can contact our business consultants at any time.

Submit your application in our myAGA customer portal

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This is how the click&cover application works

Image: Screenshot Preliminary Check

Hermes Cover preliminary check

The application process starts with five brief questions in order to get an indication as to whether the transaction is eligible for cover right at the beginning

Image: Screenshot Premium Indication

Premium indication

  • The information what a click&cover export or buyer credit guarantee is likely to cost can be accessed at any time during the application process
Image: Screenshot Credit Rating

Credit rating

  • Check your foreign buyer’s or borrower’s creditworthiness
  • If necessary, you can also enter a guarantor and have its creditworthiness checked
  • This will make your planning more reliable also with regard to the calculation of the premium


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