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Application process

Please contact us at an early stage

You are not sure whether your export transaction is eligible for Hermes Cover? Simply submit an initial inquiry free of charge. It will give you a first – non-binding – indication as to whether your transaction can be covered.

If you wish to take out cover for your export transaction, please complete a corresponding application form (German versions only). If you need any assistance with the completion or have any questions regarding the suitable product for your transaction, please do not hesitate to contact our business consultants

Generally, we recommend you to note the following:


  • Please submit the application for cover as early as possible – that is while the contract is still under negotiation and in any case before signing the export contract.
  • Please enclose information material on your foreign buyer, such as annual accounts or half-year financial statements, with the application. That will speed up the application procedure.
  • Please enclose a memorandum giving details on financing, infrastructure, environmental and social aspects and the project’s importance for your company with the application form if the contract value exceeds 15 million euros.

Already before a contract is signed, the Federal Government can make an offer for cover under an export credit guarantee. Such an offer for cover is binding: The Federal Government declares that it will provide cover if the transaction meets all criteria stated in the offer – provided that the factual and legal basis remains unchanged – in the case that an export contract and, where applicable, a buyer credit agreement is signed. Such an offer for cover strengthens your position during the tender phase and the contract negotiations. If the legal and factual basis remains unchanged, the offer for cover will be converted into a commitment to assume cover once the contract is signed.

Do you have any questions on the application procedure? 

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Please write to us to get the certificate: Secure e-mail support
Information about secure e-mail: Certificate Practice Statement (CPS) der EH CICA
Contact: +49 (0) 40/88 34-25 00.

With these steps, we support you on your way to Hermes Cover:

Please submit your applications in the customer portal myAGA (German version only):

For financing partners:

Digital link by programming interface

Link up now with the export credit guarantee scheme of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Interested banks and providers of financing solutions can link up directly with the myAGA customer portal by an application programming interface (API). 

More detailed information and contacts can be found on our page “Digital interface”.