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The different multi- and bilateral agreements on the inclusion of foreign content in business transactions meet the growing need of exporters to cooperate across borders. The following table shows the relevant cooperation agreements concluded for this purpose with other official ECAs.

Armenia       C
Australia     R  
Austria J R  
Belarus       C
Belgium J R  
Brazil       C
Bulgaria J    
Canada     R  
China     R C
Croatia J    
Cyprus J    
Czech Republic J R  
Denmark J R  
Estonia J    
Finland J R  
France J R  
Greece J    
Hungary J    
India       C
Iran       C
Israel     R  
Italy J R  
Japan   R C
Kazakhstan       C
Kuwait       C
Latvia J    
Lithuania J    
Luxembourg J R  
Malta J    
Mexico       C
Netherlands J R  
Norway J* R  
Poland J R  
Portugal J R  
Romania J   C
Russia     R C
Slovak Republic J R  
Slovenia J R  
South Korea     R C
Spain J R  
Sweden J R  
Switzerland J* R  
Türkiye   J*    
United Kingdom J R  
United States     R  

Multinational institutions

Afreximbank       C
ATI       C
ICIEC     R  
  • J = joint insurance agreement under EU regulations
  • J* = joint insurance under bilateral agreement
  • R = reinsurance agreement on a bilateral basis
  • C = cooperation agreement