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Insuring export business as bank

Product at a glance

With Framework Credit Cover banks can insure their receivables arising from individual loans granted under a general loan agreement (credit line) to finance German export transactions.


Target group

  • German banks
  • German branch offices of foreign banks
  • Foreign banks (under to certain conditions)


Payment terms of the covered transactions

Medium/long-term (2 years and longer)


Insurable risks

Framework credit cover offers protection against payment default, particularly if

  • the foreign buyer becomes insolvent
  • the foreign buyer fails to make payment within one month after due date (protracted default)
  • adverse measures are taken by foreign governments or warlike events arise
  • local currency amounts are not converted or transferred



  • An individually calculated percentage of each individual loan amount (interest excluded) as well as specific processing fees
  • For a detailed calculation there is an interactive premium calculator (German version only)available.


Uninsured portion

5 % for all risks


Supplementary cover

If required, framework credit cover can be supplemented with


  • Securitisation Guarantee (to facilitate refinancing on the capital market)


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