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Insuring export business as 
exporter / lessor

Product at a glance

With leasing cover a German lessor (manufacturer/exporter or leasing company) protects himself against the loss of the amounts owing from a foreign lessee under a cross-border lease.


Target group

German lessors (manufacturers/exporters or leasing companies)


Payment terms of the covered transactions

  • Short-term (up to 2 years)
  • Medium/long-term (2 years and longer)


Insurable risks

Leasing cover offers protection against payment default, particularly if

  • the lessee becomes insolvent
  • the lessee fails to make payment within either one or six months after due date depending on the type of leasing cover (protracted default)
  • adverse measures are taken by foreign governments or warlike events arise
  • local currency amounts are not converted or transferred
  • goods are confiscated due to political circumstances
  • contract performance becomes impossible due to political circumstances



  • Single premium calculated as a percentage of the covered contract amount (excluding interest) as well as specific processing fees
  • For a detailed calculation there is an  interactive premium calculator (German version only) available.


Uninsured portion

  • Standard leasing cover 
    • 5 % for political risks
    • normally 15 % for commercial risks
  • Leasing cover at enhanced conditions (preconditions among others: leasing of capital goods, qualified leasing company acting between the manufacturer and the lessee, assignment typical for leasing transactions has been agreed) 5 % for all risks


Supplementary cover

If required, leasing cover can be supplemented with

  • Manufacturing risk cover
  • Confiscation risk cover
  • Contract bond cover
  • Counter-guarantee

This product can be applied for online.


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