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Insuring export business as exporter

Product at a glance

Confiscation risk cover enables German exporters to insure the typical risks arising in connection with transactions abroad where it is not yet clear whether the goods will actually or finally be sold abroad when they cross the border (e.g. delivery to conversion stocks or purchase on trial basis) or where a sale is not intended in the first place (e.g. delivery to a bonded warehouse or trade fair stocks).

Target group

German export firms

Payment terms of the covered transactions

  • Short-term (up to 2 years)
  • Medium/long-term (2 years and longer)

Insurable risks

Confiscation risk cover mainly offers protection against the loss of or damage to the goods for political reasons

Cover options

  • Confiscation risk cover including cover of conversion/transfer risks (e.g. conversion stocks)
  • Confiscation risk cover excluding cover of conversion/transfer risks (e.g. bonded warehouses/trade fair stocks)
  • Revolving confiscation risk cover including cover of conversion/transfer risks
  • Revolving confiscation risk cover excluding cover of conversion/transfer risks

If cover of conversion/transfer risks is included, the conversion and transfer risks relating to amounts which have been paid or deposited for goods removed from the stocks is covered in addition.


A fixed percentage depending on the form of cover and, as the case may be, specific processing fees

Uninsured portion

  • 5 % for political risks

This product can be applied for online.

Please use the digital application form in the myAGA customer portal to apply for cover for your export transaction. To do this you need to register for my AGA once which is easily done with just a few steps. If you already use myAGA, you can directly log in with your access data. If you need assistance with the application or if you have any questions regarding the appropriate product, please do not hesitate to contact our business consultants.


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