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Insuring export business as exporter

Product at a glance

The Wholeturnover Policy Light (APG-light) is a cost-effective and easily manageable tool for German exporters supplying goods to several buyers in different countries to insure short-term receivables (credit terms of up to 4 months). The policy period is one year and it will be automatically renewed if notice of termination is not given in due time.


Target group

German export firms with coverable export turnover spread over different markets; as of 01.07.2013 there is no longer a limit on the maximum turnover which previously required a change in a Wholeturnover Policy once it was exceeded (see AGA Report No. 227).


Payment terms of the covered transactions

Short-term (up to 4 months)


Insurable risks

A Wholeturnover Policy Light offers protection against payment default if

  • the foreign buyer fails to make payment within 6 months after due date (protracted default)


Special features

The APG-Online-Service makes the handling of a Wholeturnover Policy Light even easier and faster.

An inclusion of receivables secured by a letter of credit and of receivables due from affiliated foreign companies is not possible. Services are not eligible for cover.

As a rule, cover facilities are available for all countries, with the exception of exports on credit terms of up to two years to EU and core OECD member states (i.e. EU member states, Australia, Canada, Iceland Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA).



  • Initial premium rate: 0.80 % of the monthly turnover (minimum premium rate for each policy year: EUR 1.000)
  • The individual claims record is taken into account through a system of premium discounts and surcharges (Bonus-Malus-System) (with effect from the third policy year and rates ranging from 0.60 % to 1.05 %). In the case of a change from a Wholeturnover Policy in a Wholeturnover Policy Light and vice versa the premium discount/surcharge level reached will be transferred to the new policy.
  • Additional handling fees will not be charged, however, a contract fee will be payable as soon as limits for risks which are temporarily not marketable are fixed or are applied for (siehe AGA-Report Nr. 223, German version only).
  • Payment through direct debiting system


Uninsured portion

  • 10 % for all risks


Supplementary cover

If required, a Wholeturnover Policy Light can be supplemented with

  • Manufacturing risc cover
  • Confiscation risk cover
  • Contract bond cover
  • Counter-guarantee


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