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In Belarus power will be generated from biogas

November 2011

LTV Landmaschinen und Transporttechnik Vertriebsgesellschaft in Berlin will supply one of the first Belarus’ biogas plants. Combined export and buyer credit cover secures this major project. Because of substantial engineering services of Rohrplan in Schwedt and subcontracted supplies from Germany, among others from Eastern Germany, as well as the involvement of only small and medium-size enterprises this export transaction is deemed particularly deserving of support. LTV considers this EUR 11 million project to be a reference for the Belorussian market. Therefore it hopes for follow-up orders resulting from this export deal.

In biogas plants plant remains, renewable raw materials and farm fertilizers (liquid manure) are fermented and as a result methane is produced. This biogas is used for power generation. The Belorussian plant uses four block heat and power plants with a connected wattage of 4.8 MW. This solution is very energy efficient because both power and heat are used. The plants are characterized by high eco friendliness and continuous power availability so that minor fluctuations can easily be compensated. Besides, biogas-fired power stations are well suited for a decentralized power supply. The planned plant will generate about 42 gigawatt hours of electricity annually. This is the amount of energy consumed by about 7,000 households with four persons each during one year.

The Hermes guarantee protects LTV Landmaschinen und Transporttechnik Vertriebsgesellschaft against the loss of receivables for political and commercial reasons. In addition AKA provides a buyer credit in the amount of more than EUR 10 million, which facilitates the funding of the project.

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