Investing abroad means to pursue opportunities in an increasingly global marketplace. Whereas technical and financial issues are more or less calculable risks to be considered when planning an investment abroad, the political environment in countries of the so-called Third World or in emerging countries very often is almost unpredictable and must therefore play a predominant role in the overall risk assessment.

With its promotion of foreign trade and investment the German government supports and accompanies German enterprises in their activities abroad and provides coverage in the form of investment guarantees. Any enterprise domiciled in Germany may use this guarantee scheme.

Apart from the fact that an investment guarantee may frequently act as a door opener for the realisation of an investment abroad there are other benefits of coverage.

Depending on the line of business, the size of the investor and the type of investment, the German government supports a multitude of investment projects by providing tailored coverage.

International co-operation plays an increasing role and therefore requires the exchange of experience and the agreement on common standards within the Berne Union on the one hand and in the case of multi-lending projects a close co-operation among international insurers and financing institutions on the other hand.