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Most of the publications on the Export Credit Guarantees of the Federal Government are available as hardcopies. They can be ordered and within a few days the requested brochure will be delivered to you.

Annual Report

PDF fileAnnual Report 2013 (German version only, 6.24 MB), the English translation will be available soon.

Chapter 1:The Interministerial Committee 2013 (451 KB, German version only)

Chapter 2:The Development Of The Export Credit Guarantees (734 KB, German version only)

Chapter 3:Country Cover Policy And Special Forms Of Cover (3.42 MB, German version only)

Chapter 4:Business Development (317 KB, German version only)

Chapter 5:Export Guarantee Portfolio (266 KB, German version only)

Chapter 6:Untied Loan Guarantees (655 KB, German version only)

Annex (53 KB, German version only)


Interim Report

Download Interim Report 2013 (539 KB), German version (531 KB)

Information Brochure

This Information Brochure (1.98 MB) gives you the extensive overview necessary for your business transactions.

Hermes Cover - Special Publications

Here you will find information on special publications concerning federal export credit guarantees.

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